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What are the types of oral sex most requested by clients

In oral sex, the mouth and tongue are used to stimulate the genitalia of our partner in bed and the objective is to provide a lot of pleasure or reach orgasm . Oral sex is an excellent way to excite our partner or to excite ourselves. South Indian Escorts Service In Delhi

Everyone has heard of oral sex but not everyone has enjoyed it. Depending on your facial expression, it is sometimes easy to tell who is and who is not. In oral sex, the mouth and tongue are used to stimulate the genitals of our bed partner, without forgetting that this can also include the anal area and that the objective is to provide a lot of pleasure or reach orgasm.

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Going down, giving head, blow jobs, are some of the English ways to refer to this sexual act. Here, South Indian Escorts Service In Delhi keep looking to our neighbor to name the hottest practices. We refer to oral sex as "French"; then come its variants, such as facial French, natural French, full French, etc.

Chatting with the escorts about this type of sex, we see that the French is the big star of their dates along with vaginal sex. What happens? Does the simple triumph over all erotic fantasies? The South Indian Call Girl In Aerocity Delhi tells that “in the end, what a man wants on his date with an escort is to feel the maximum pleasure. French and vaginal sex is what they like the most.

Sometimes the sexual experience with an escort is limited to good natural French. In this practice, a condom is not used and the pleasure is top and many men prefer a session of high-voltage oral sex and enjoying the view before anything else. When the only thing they ask for is a French, I let myself be carried away to give them the maximum pleasure and make them totally satisfied, the escort confesses.

Oral sex as a cornerstone

Could we consider oral sex as the cornerstone of pleasure? The fact is that both for men and women, the practice of cunilingus, fellatio and anilingus, are erected as practices of maximum pleasure. Although common in our society, they still have an aura of morbid and prohibition that makes them even more attractive.

Anilingus is another story. Arousal of the anus through the mouth and tongue is not so common among lesbians or straight men. The fact is that the sensitivity of the anus is a step further on the pleasure scale, according to the French escort. South Indian Escorts in Delhi

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